January 26, 2008

Here Comes The Sun

The Positivity Express continues unabated! I wasn't kidding about this at all! Deception is not a virtue!

What an unconvincing thumbs-up that is, by the way. I don't believe that's real happiness. I apologise to my readers. I mean it with considerably more enthusiasm.

Anyway. In light of Hit Self-Destruct's new positive outlook I am redacting something I wrote a few days ago. Not the thing about Baldur's Gate being insufferably banal or the thing about the vampire cosplayers. No, I am instead taking back my vaguely disparaging reference towards the game Neverwinter Nights 2, which I have never played. All that changes now because I am holding it in my hand as i type. I am lookinh at it eight now ./ Instead of doing my job snd lookingat the screen like a pro. I will nevrer write for game set watch with this work ethic. There. How convincing was that.

Honestly, even though I liked Obsidian's Knights of the Old Republic 2 a lot, I don't really want to play this game. The expansion, on the other hand, Mask of the Betrayer, has garnered significant praise and sounds like a game I would enjoy very much. Here I am, then, about to play through some buggy semi-hardcore epic fantasy RPG. Sounds like a great time. Maybe it's not as mediocre and unpolished as I've heard, or who knows, maybe it is and I'll actually like it. If I don't like it, you know where you won't be reading about it: Hit Self-Destruct a.k.a. Positivity Junction. I'm registering that domain name by the way. Change your bookmarks.

That's more like it. Congratulations, lady in stock photo. Oh, that's probably not even your urine in that pregnancy test. This has all gone horribly wrong.

To summarise: who's played this game? Did you like it? Is there some secret Neverwinter Nights 2 codeine which will make this experience bearable? Or am I off-base and needlessly bitching in a way totally unbefitting the head conductor of Positivity Railways?


Michael Abbott said...

The Positivity Express, eh? I can feel the terrible strain overtaking you, Duncan. I have a funny picture in my head of a guy strapped to his chair and forced to type nice words forming pleasant thoughts comprising positive sentences on a computer screen. Sort of a digital-age Clockwork Orange situation. In blog form.

For the love of God, disregard my recent rant/post on rampant blog snarkiness, I can't bear to see this happening. Get off this train, Duncan. It's killing you, man! It's killing you!!


Duncan said...

You know, I did find the timing of our two positivity posts to be extremely bizarre...

Michael Abbott said...

Me too. I didn't get around to reading yours until yesterday...and then it occurred to me you might think I was responding in some indirect way to your "positivity conversion experience" ;-) I wasn't, of course, because I enjoy your writing style and POV and have since my first visit.