June 11, 2008

Academia In The UK

Where were you on the 29th of July, 2008? I'll tell you where you were. You were in Brighton, England attending the Games:EDU conference! Seriously, I think you should go. If you like Hit Self-Destruct but would love it if it were written by someone in the industry who shares his design wisdom instead of spending so much time trying to be funny, then you'll love Games:EDU. I think. I hope. I've never been. I won't be there this year.

Another great Hit Self-Destruct endorsement! I wrote profiles on some of the attending developers for the program guide, and if you go there you can read them. The people organising the event were cool enough to let me write my usual mildly-humourous essays so you might enjoy that.

There's one I wrote that didn't end up in the magazine. I'm going to post it now, but with all the specifics blacked out. I would like to see if you can guess what company I wrote it about. No prizes or anything, it's just fun something to do today.

Here it is!

No, just kidding. Here it is for real:

Yeah, kidding again. I'm done now though, here it is:

No, but seriously:

Okay. I think I'm done.


Duncan said...

This is the blogging equivalent of tripping in the street and falling face down in a sewer.

qrter said...

Ha ha! :)