July 28, 2008

Cover Me

Marketing is a mysterious science. What reaction is the back-to-camera/serious-stare-over-shoulder pose supposed to elicit in the subconscious? Why do audiences respond better to helmets and guns than headbands and sticks? Did Beyond Good & Evil suffer in the American marketplace because Ubisoft elected for a different cover that highlighted the chestage area? We may never learn the answers to these questions.


Pandora said...

see the deadspace vs left 4 dead box covers...




Duncan said...

Haha, I like that the fourth result on Amazon for "deadspace" is Left 4 Dead.

qrter said...

I think it's supposed to be "RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ACTION" or something similarly stupid.

tyler said...

For me, the look-over-the-shoulder isn't far from the look-over-the-shoulder-and-waving-hand-C'MON gesture. It's a beckoning to the audience to get involved, to jump into the action.

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