July 2, 2008

Water Disappointed

"I must say I am disappointed that Blizzard has stayed on the conservative side in terms of design with their updates to Diablo and Starcraft."

"'Disappointed.' That comment, made earlier this morning by Bethesda producer Ashley Cheng, was discovered within hours by internet bloggers and quickly republished on message boards and podcasts.

"It's being speculated that this surprisingly frank admission from Mr. Cheng may prove commercially damaging to Fallout 3 when gamers go to the stores in October. Certainly, we've seen this happen to products in the past. Tommy, and thank you for being with us now, Tommy, we still have not -- no -- still no comment from Pete Hines at Bethesda, but many are anticipating the developer will formally denounce Mr. Cheng and his statement later today.

"This story is still breaking. We will keep you updated throughout the rest of the day on Mr. Cheng's gaffe, a story which some in the media are now terming 'Waterdisappointed', in reference of course to the Watergate, President Nixon scandal of 1971. Now, Tommy, and again, we thank you for joining us live today, the question I want to ask you, and that our viewers, I imagine, must be asking themselves right now: is Ashley Cheng the man that the public wants producing Fallout 3?"


Michael Abbott said...

I wonder which is more conservative - Blizzard or its fans?


Duncan said...

That's one of those "tree falls in the forest" questions.

Marq O. said...

I'm calling non-story here. Just because some guy who works for one video game company expressed a minor negative opinion about a differnet company deciding to make another sequel with identical or near-identical features (in place of pursuing original IP's and concepts to grow) the public is suddenly not going to buy a wholly unrelated (also-sequel) game?

Heck, I was "disappointed" that I had to eat cereal for breakfast this morning, that doesn't mean that Kellogs is suddenly going to start giving me only one and one-half scoops of raisins in with my bran.

Duncan said...

Oh, it's the non-story of the century. Even for the gaming press, this is mindlessly trivial material.

Don't say that bit about Kellogs on a cereal message board though.

qrter said...

Kellogs is the EA of cereal!