August 21, 2008

Loading Screen

Hit Self-Destruct is loading. . .

Post "Tesla" 65% loaded
Post "Why So Serious" 71% loaded
Post "Final Grades" 13% loaded
Post "Badlands" 6% loaded
Post "Untitled Braid Post" 10% loaded
Post "Murder Charge" 2% loaded
Post "1300 Hours" 0% loaded
Post "Sofia Coppola Blind Date" failed to load.

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TIP: Hit Self-Destruct is updated twice a week except in cases of severe malfunction.


Anonymous said...

Twice a week huh? What "yesterday" and "tomorrow"?

Alex P said...

Post "Untitled Braid Post" 10% loaded

Oh come on, now you're just fucking with me. :D

Duncan said...

Just so you guys don't think I'm pulling this thing entirely out of my ass, Final Grades has been renamed Classic Tech Demo and should appear this weekend.