October 25, 2007

Shiftless When Idle

First post.

I used to write for a site called Idle Thumbs, and unfortunately if you're reading this right now you probably know exactly what Idle Thumbs was. Idle Thumbs was a gaming site that was very good for a very brief period of time. I started writing for it in 2005, when it was just "good", and stayed with it through 2006, when it was "frustrating and painful". I'm only even mentioning it because it was the best thing I ever did on the internet, not that my self-worth is measured by what I do on the internet or anything. The whole thing doesn't come up much anymore, except for talking about it right now and referencing it in the title of this blog post. That's kind of like John Fogerty calling his new album "Revival" except that more than one person gives a shit about that. Let's hope that's it for the Idle Thumbs references, though.

Idle Thumbs (whoops!) fell apart mostly because it was a volunteer project that eventually ran out of steam -- much like this will! I promise the second I lose interest in this thing, it's getting shut down. Not many blogs would guarantee you inevitable failure like that. I did write four posts before publishing, though. Guess how many posts this will run.

For the next four weeks, this is going to be all about examples of writing in games. It's like my own lecture series, meaning that I get to mouth off like an arrogant son-of-a-bitch. I chose writing because I don't know shit about anything else -- possibly not even that.

There'll be an exciting post up in a day or two.

Does this layout suck? I think it might.

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