February 27, 2008

Post-GDC Report: I Have Done Lines With The Following Industry Professionals

Breaking news: GDC is over.

At no point during GDC did I realise that I was at GDC. If I had ever stopped to consider where I was and who I was talking to I would have exploded. My career trajectory has been such that if I was ever to work in the games industry it would likely be on games being made by the little community centre three blocks from where I grew up. And yet for one week I was inexplicably at the heart of the industry, sitting next to designers I'd written ten blog posts about, shaking hands with people who had only ever existed to me as abstract internet entities. In that Portal post-mortem Erik Wolpaw said how players, after escaping the fire pit, felt like they broke the game. I feel like I broke my life.

GDC was like being at college if college was actually astounding and without assignments and exams; instead, a unanimous, die-hard pledge to do better. It was quite something. And amazing as it all was, it's a testament to the people I met that they were, no question, the best part. If you're wondering whether I mean you, the answer is yes. Especially you. Thanks to everyone. Without you it would have sucked.

I have a lot to write about GDC, by which I mean I have a lot of material to pad out my blog with over the next two weeks to further avoid the burden of relevancy. Nonetheless, I'm sure it will be very exciting. It will make you feel like I was there.

I didn't do lines with anyone.

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