April 18, 2008


"And the winner is... Cracktime! Crackdown." Another GDC highlight.

GDC 2008 is finally out of my system. Not because I was waiting to repeat the Cracktime thing, although that was a vital piece of the puzzle. Instead, I wrote a GDC article for my friends over at Idle Thumbs, which covers pretty well the very last thing I wanted to say about the conference, and marks my return to sincerity. It's not a "GDC impressions" piece written two months after the fact. I would not do that to you. In fact, I don't think anyone's written a GDC article like this before. If anyone has, I will fight them.

And with that, GDC 2008 is hereby retired as subject matter, unless I think of something really funny. Or if I decide to troll for traffic and start running blind items.

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