May 12, 2008

Blue Skies

After you issue a ponderous, vaguely provocative call-to-action like I did with Headshot, the last thing you expect is exactly what you asked for.

The Mirror's Edge trailer paints a startlingly accurate picture of what I want. It's an action game that's built on an interesting and unconventional gameplay mechanic. It's an action game that exists without the player's input limited to killing guys. It's an action game with a realistic body count. And it's still unquestionably an action game; intrinsically about adrenaline and movement. This is what I'm talking about. "Action" has a broader definition than just "shoot-out". I love it. It's a great feeling when games are designed especially for you.

I wouldn't dare ask for anything more than that but the thing's also got such a great aesthetic. The art design is contrarily bright and optimistic and the oddly serene music lulls you into a sense of wonder. If DICE wrap a smart narrative around this, it's going to be the next Portal.

When the trailer was released there were actually a ton of forum quotes which I could reprint here criticising the lead character's ethnicity and insufficient hotness. As far as saber-rattling goes, that'd be pretty good fodder, but forget it. Let's just have this moment.


A "lousy op-ed writer who just riffs on [last week's] headlines." Okay, so I might be a hypocrite, but a hypocrite is right half the time.

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