November 21, 2008

Video Dames

[Written by Duncan Fyfe and Alex Ashby.]

Late on a Friday night, a bleary-eyed 26 year old woman named Bridget slumped over the couch in the living room of the apartment she shared with her law student friend. Lying on her chest, she arranged the empty beer bottles standing on the carpet into a tidy circle. The My Bloody Valentine album Loveless murmured out of the stereo; the CD was possibly on repeat, you couldn't really tell.

Michelle swayed out of the bathroom holding a wine glass and slouched against the door frame. "Oh my God, listen to this," she said, articulating wildly with her free hand. "I had the best idea. We should start a website. Where we talk about games. We'll write it about girls who play games. It can be written by girl gamers for girl gamers. You know what we'll call it? You know what? Video Dames. Video Dames dot com."

Bridget rolled onto her back. "That's a funny name," she said.

Smiling broadly, Michelle continued, "We would be the video dames. This is awesome. We should really do this."

With a fingernail, Bridget flicked a bottle to the floor. "What would we, like, write about though? What kind of articles? Did you come up with anything else besides the name?"

Michelle delayed in the doorway, tilting her head from side to side in vacillation.

"I don't want to write a website," Bridget decided, "it'd be really hard. Having to update it every day? Fuck that, I don't want to do that, it'll take up too much time."

Staring for a moment, Michelle whispered "okay" and stiffly sat down by the arm of the other couch. Bridget stumbled to her feet and, bent over the kitchen counter, cracked open another beer. "Do you want to go to that movie tomorrow?" she asked.

Michelle took a careful sip of the wine. "No."


Ben Abraham said...

Is this going to become a multi-part saga, by any chance?

Savid Daunders said...

Let me guess, this is a conversation you and Alex had? Hehehe...


Duncan said...

1) No and 2) surprisingly no, this exists mostly to establish Alex as the inventor of the term "video dames".

Alex P said...

Leigh Alexander is going to be pissed.

SVGL said...

Why would I be pissed? I mean, I love getting drunk to My Bloody Valentine and -- wait, wait, no.